Wayfinding and signage


Located in Sainte-Catherine, the RécréoParc is a linear park of more than 9 km bordered to the North by the St. Lawrence River and the Lachine Rapids and to the South by the St. Lawrence Seaway. Following the development of an urban campground and the construction of a new multifunctional building on its site in 2016, RécréoParc wanted to review its service / activity offer and redefine its image. The RécréoParc signage project was designed with the intention to renewthe park by implementing the new graphic concept produced by Agence Gaspar on the site. The new signs installed on the site want to project a revitalizing and attractive image of the RécréoParc.

  • Year

  • Client
    Municipality of Sainte-Catherine

  • Architecture

  • Graphic Design

  • Location
    RécréoParc, Sainte-Catherine (Québec), Canada

  • Project type

  • Program
    Wayfinding design

  • Photo credit

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