Multifunctional Center

This new construction houses facilities intended to serve the entire municipality of Saint-Apollinaire. The adaptable spaces allow the possibility of holding a multitude of cultural, sporting and recreational activities. The building includes a double gymnasium with changing rooms, four multipurpose rooms including three that can be split off, a fully-equipped collective kitchen, as well as storage and support spaces. The interior space planning is simple and effective in order to adapt to different types of activities.

The architecture of the Multifunctional Center is distinguished by the particularity of its volume and by the details of its exterior panels. As the structure offers a simple volumetric language, Parka has relied on innovative treatment of exterior materials to give the building a distinctive character. The choice of metal facing in which a triangular pattern unfolds and the formal appearance of the openings give a playful character to the building. This same motif extends in the glass section upstairs by the use of a silkscreen glass. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the triangular pattern of the facing allows efficient evacuation of rainwater.

In order to define the interior layout, the overall dimensions of the building and the windows, the team determined a module, calculated to the millimeter, to standardize the size of the panels. This module has also been closely coordinated on site. As for the triangular openings, the metal folding that is added to it was the subject of an in-depth analysis with respect to the winds, the sunshine and the views. From the inside, the openings energize the space, which is a pleasure for its users.

Upon the entry into the building, the visitor faces an atrium where natural light and the wood are the feature. The interior is characterized by natural finishes highlighted by accent colors at the entrance, in the multifunctional rooms and in the lockers. Parka also designed the interior and exterior wayfinding of the building. The refine concept incorporates the triangular pattern of the envelope and the yellow color of the interior design concept. Pictograms with clean lines allow easy reference points towards the rooms and is integrated perfectly with the architecture.



Integration of art with architecture

Alvéoles, an art work created by Emilie Rondeau for the project.

  • Year

  • Client
    Municipality of Saint-Apollinaire

  • Architecture

  • Location
    Saint-Apollinaire, Québec (Canada)

  • Project type

  • Program
    Nouvelle construction et signalisation

  • Size
    2810 m²

  • Photo credit
    Jessy Bernier Photographe

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