Office space planning

Masse Agency

Masse is an advertising and graphic design agency in Quebec City. The team has expanded rapidly and their old office no longer responded to their creative needs. Therefore, they have found a commercial building, built in 1964, which required renovations.

The architectural concept aimed to put the brand image of the firm in the foreground by playing with contrasts. White walls and ceilings create a bright and sober atmosphere, while black cubicles provides bold accents.

The use of the architectural wood dropped ceiling and the insertion of the cubicles allowed some elements to be dissimulated and the offices to be acoustically treated. Each component is integrated and design thought, from furniture to lighting choices.

Outside, the commercial facade has been completely restored. The coatings used, such as the new red masonry, allow the building to be perfectly integrated into the neighborhood. The grid of existing openings has been conserved and optimized to provide a bright and dynamic work space.

Nobilis Price : This project has also won a Nobilis in the category ''Commercial building – Inside and outside’’ by Tergos, the contractor. (Québec, 2017)

  • Year

  • Client
    Masse Agency

  • Architecture

  • Location
    Limoilou, Québec (Canada)

  • Project type
    Office space planning

  • Program
    Old building renovation

  • Size
    149 m²

  • Photo credit
    Charles O'Hara Photographe

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