Warm and simple

Wentworth Cabin

This cabin project has been imagined with an intention to be integrated with the landscape and the site. Designed for a young family of three, the project emerges both inside and outside, framing perfectly the extraordinary nature of the location. The living areas overlooking the forest provides a feeling of living in the treetops.

The simple volumetry and the contemporary approach are in harmony with the materiality of the project and its environment. The wood and the natural slate clapboards, both material from Quebec, are contrasting with the white and minimalist interior. The scale of the walls and windows provides a lot of openings on the outside, resulting in a natural lighting which is out of the ordinary.

  • Year

  • Architecture

  • Interior design

  • Location
    Wentworth-Nord, Quebec (Quebec), Canada

  • Project type

  • Program
    New construction

  • Size
    85 m²

  • Status

  • Photo credit

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