Event space planning for Québec Aboriginal Tourism's exhibition

KWE meeting

The success of the "Kwe - meeting the Indigenous Peoples" event, held in place of the National Assembly in Quebec from September 1 to 3, 2017, shows a rich collaboration between the team Parka, the advertising agency Masse and the client, Québec Aboriginal Tourism. The interdisciplinary work of this issue was worth the slogan of the event: 11 unique and united nations, while each discipline has contributed its expertise to make the event a success. The mission, highlighting the nation's tourism offers, was accomplished within a very tight schedule and budget.

The facilities of this exhibition and exchange site took place inside a tent which was 32 m long by 15 m wide, where the team has to develop a concept of staging and interpretation focussing on the uniqueness of each of the Aboriginal nations. The circle, a common symbol of importance for many indigenous communities and reminiscent of the cycle of life and natural forces, was a meaningful element in the conceptual thoughts surrounding the event. The authenticity, simplicity and symbolism of this form will have guided the central planning of the space, as all nations were gathered around a large circle. In the middle of it, the fire came alive, in the heart of a forest of bright colored tubes. They displayed a reinterpretation of traditional patterns, creating a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity. In order to create the most inclusive atmosphere possible, the team also worked closely with the lighting designer who was assigned to the site. The spatial organization within the temporary structure also took into account other attractions on the site, while the entrance to the exhibition, whose visual effect varied depending on the walker's point of view, was planned out to attract visitors inside. The planning of the exit of the exhibition was also thought in a way to guide the visitors to the next installation, in a fluid circulation idea.

For its part, the Agence Masse has developed a strong visual content, where the dominance, the richness and the warmth of the orange were echoed with the idea of ​​bringing nations together. A color specific to each of them gave them a unique character while the mix of colors and patterns of the central forest was a festive and playful way of sharing between all participants. Having developed a video content in accordance with the soundtrack of the event, Masse has also distinguished itself by the quality of the documentation accompanying the event.

The excellent chemistry developed within the team created between Parka and Masse has led to rich, stimulating and, above all, creative work meetings.

  • Year

  • Client
    Québec Aboriginal Tourism

  • Architecture

  • Graphic Design
    Masse Agency

  • Location
    Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale, Québec (Québec), Canada

  • Project type

  • Program
    Event space planning and interpretation

  • Size
    485 m²

  • Photo credit
    Jessy Bernier Photographe

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