Office and showrooms space planning

H20 Innovation

H2O Innovation is a water treatment company that also offers a wide range of operating and maintenance solutions for sugar shacks.


The office area, the reception and showrooms of their space have been redesigned by Parka. The team has developed an atmosphere that respects the brand of the company, while highlighting the flagship products of their sugar shacks shop. A few references to the maple industry have been integrated to make the space warm and interactive. The scope of work included surveys, the drafting, the concept, the execution of the plans and specifications, the site supervision and the design of the graphic elements.

Parka also had fun developing the graphic concept of the mural of the showroom. The image is composed of several old photographs to which the team has applied a graphic treatment that refers to the circle of the visual identity of the company.

Conscious that the spaces available for its products do not have the same characteristics from one distributor to another, H2O Innovation has also asked the firm to create a book of development standards for its shops.

The team drafted the design guidelines so that the interior design and signage fit into the brand image of the company, while adapting to the physical and budgetary constraints of each distributor.

In addition to proposing the products to be specified and equivalences for materials, lighting and graphic elements, Parka designed displays to highlight and promote certain maple products.

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    H20 Innovation

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  • Graphic Design

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    Québec, Québec (Canada)

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    Office and showrooms space planning

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