Office space planning


Crakmedia is a young web marketing firm based in Quebec. The company, which hires more than 100 employees, wanted to offer them a friendly working environment that would contribute to a real family spirit. The layout of their new office, located in an existing building, also had to improve the efficiency of the daily operations of the company.

A large open workspace has been created, offering natural light and areas for occasional meetings. An impressive central aquarium separates the open area from the two main conference rooms, generating a visual link between the different areas of the office and contributing to create a dynamic environment. Enclosed offices are located at the periphery of the floor plan and were designed to boost transparency between spaces. The use of large glass walls allows contact between the inside and the outside. One of the design challenges was to maximize the conservation of existing walls that could be reused. Efforts have also been made to enhance the industrial look of the steel columns.

Many quiet zones have been designed to allow employees to rest. Thus, a game room can be used as a break room and the kitchen, a key element of the office layout, was designed to be similar to a home kitchen, contributing to the friendly spirit promoted by the company.

Special attention was given by the team in the representation of the corporate image of the company within its facilities. In this sense, the red color and the black come back punctually, as a reminder to the identity of the firm. The entire layout emanates a friendly, productive and stimulating spirit.

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    Saint-Roch, Québec (Canada)

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    Office space planning

  • Size
    1280 m²

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    Jessy Bernier Photograph

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