Concept proposal for the Matter Better 2014 competition

Typhoon Class Submarine

H20 Ballistic


Water is the most crucial issue of the 21st century. Even though it is essential for life, nearly 800 million people do not have access to water, while 2.5 billion are deprived of access to adequate sanitation. By 2025, 5.3 billion people, which represents the two-thirds of the world's population, may be in shortage of the water to meet their daily living needs.

In order to find an efficient solution to this reality, we propose to transform a war machine into a tool allowing to solve part of the problem so that water remains a collective world heritage serving humanity.


We are proposing to transform a war submarine into a mobile desalination and treatment station. The characteristics of a submarine makes it possible to perform water treatment more easily and quickly under underwater conditions because of the hydrostatic pressure that is found under water at a certain depth. This hydrostatic pressure allows to avoid some of the equipment needed to create the reverse osmosis that is used to treat and desalt water from the ocean. The space formerly used to store the 20 R-39 ballistic missiles represents a volume of more than 2.8 million liters. By using half of it for water treatment and the other half for storing drinking water, these large tanks, once used to stock weapons of destruction, are now used to hold a vital resource for life.

Honorable mention

On September 19, 2014 Parka won an honorable mention in the Typhoon Class Submarine contest for its concept. The design of the concept stood out for its creativity and its evocative message. Here is the jury's comment:

« A clear and clean design, proposing solution for one of the most urgent problematics facing our planet. I like this project for its practical approach, specific focus and visual simplicity in terms of perception ease. It is accessible and has a «a no nonsense» vibe to it. Also the outer design of the boat itself looks sharp and stylish. » – Daria Polozkova

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    Matter Better 2014 competition

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    Concept proposal for an architecture competition

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