Renovated fire station

Caserne No 5


Built in 1910 according to the plans of the architect Georges-Émile Tanguay.

The Caserne N ° 5 was formerly a municipal fire station, then a theater. Wanting to give a new vocation to the building, the current owners have contacted Parka to transform the interior of the building into versatile offices for start-up firms. The project was first and foremost respectful of the architectural heritage of Limoilou. The primary objective of the project was to accentuate the architectural elements while allowing to salvage the interior details. Concretely, this translates into the creation of convenient size conference rooms, adaptable to different needs and the planning of an open work area around which offices have direct visual interactions.

The significant height of the space, often seen in a fire station, has been enhanced in the open area, improving the connection with the surrounding work areas and the mezzanines. The numerous internal glass partitions allow for a good visual link between the areas, accentuating the idea of ​​exchange and dynamism. Exposed brick walls also serve as a reminder of the past. An important constraint of the project was not to distort the heritage character of the building. Considerable care was taken in the choice of fenestration, which was the main intervention outside the existing building.

Building was also a challenge. An extension had to be done, at the rear of the building, in a perspective of architectural integration, to install an exit staircase of exit. In addition to that, the team also designed the wayfinding for the whole building.


  • Year

  • Architecture

  • Graphic Design

  • Location
    Limoilou, Québec (Canada)

  • Project type

  • Program
    Space planning, renovation and wayfinding

  • Size
    1092 m²

  • Photo credit
    Jessy Bernier Photographe

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