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Modified gradually by trends and technologies, architecture and design must constantly adapt to innovations and to the market. More than ever architects are now derogating from traditional practice to explore the complementary avenues of the creative fields. This is the case of Parka, which stands out for its conceptual approach.

In addition to its growing expertise in architecture, the firm is interested in different design processes, offering services in graphic design, signage and products, seeking to think outside the box and expand its horizons.

This achievement, however, is out of the ordinary. The result of a collaboration between Stéphane Sarian, Luc Bélanger and Patrick Dessureault from Hardcore Cycle, leaded to the design and manufacture of a motorcycle racer.

Closer to architecture than it seemed, this motorcycle project represented a high potential for study and design. The components, the shape, the importance of the ergonomics and all the details have been imagined so that the motorcycle, in addition to being a unique piece with an English look, fully meets its owner's.


Motorcycles and Cafe Racer culture have existed since the early 1950’s in England. Following World War II, the economy in Europe is in crisis and motorcycles are used for transportation. To make them lighter, manageable and fast, they are stripped of useless parts. Speed became more important than comfort, unlike choppers or bobbers, borned from the imagination of the American G.I, creating heavy and low models, better built for long runs.

This is how races were born from one coffee to another, races and culture that spread rapidly throughout Europe.

It is in the spirit of this culture that the fully customized motorcycle has been imagined. Removing parts that are not essential, while keeping a touch of originality. With the difficulty of obtaining components and for the sake of reliability, the choice was imposed with a 650 cc Japanese twin-cylinder bike from 1976.

The starting point of the project is the front wheel that comes from a Norton 1964, a valuable find of Hardcore Cycle. The final result proves that quality of workmanship and attention to the details of a passionate person like Patrick Dessureault, can create a new and authentic motorcycle.

  • Year

  • Architecture
    Parka in collaboration with Patrick Dessurault from Hardcore Cyle

  • Location
    Québec, Québec (Canada)

  • Project type
    Product design

  • Program
    Conception et fabrication

  • Photo credit
    Marie-Noëlle Cloutier Photographe

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