Outdoor recreational center

Base de Plein air

The Base de plein air de Sainte-Foy is an outdoor recreational center in Sainte-Foy, Québec. Its design is the expression of a defined program and the result of many years of reflection about a site renowned for its scenery and history. The project, as an architectural solution, is implanted and deployed with attention to the scale of the building in comparison with the site, and most importantly, to the landscape. The process deploys a simple yet almost vernacular architecture while maintaining a fundamental contemporary feel. This will allow to redefine and reinforce the singular nature of the Base de plein air de Sainte-Foy.

The concept of the new pavilion to welcome the visitors at the Base de plein air de Sainte-Foy is defined by its architectural details which are scaled to the site and landscape. While aiming to highlight the extraordinary nature of the site situated in the heart of urban life, the project also creates a strong identity for the recreational center.

In a more functional point of view, the project is constituted of four building blocks in which the main groups of the program (administrative, public, sanitary and storage areas) are housed. Furthermore, the simple and contemporary volume creates a connection with the human scale of the site. At last, the materiality (mineral and wood) of the project is also in line with the scale of the site and the Nordic landscape.

  • Year

  • Client
    City of Québec

  • Architecture

  • Location
    Sainte-Foy, Québec (Canada)

  • Project type

  • Program
    New construction

  • Size
    2382 m²

  • Photo credit
    Étienne Dumas, 3D artist

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