Here, the border between the kitchen and the table is abolished.

Arvi is a restaurant where the cooks are also the waiters. This unique concept has been a pretty good challenge, as our team had to find a solution to integrate a central kitchen in a small space.Parka worked with food service consultants and kitchen equipment specialists to precisely define the circulations of the staff and the work's logistics.

The layout reveals a dining room that revolves around a kitchen composed of three large islands. Usually hidden, kitchen counters had to be heat resistant, easy to maintain, but also aesthetic. The team opted for a marble-like ceramic, the same found on the table tops. In addition, gold moldings add a more noble touch to the furniture.

Flexible, the dining room can accommodate 30 people and beautifully surrounds the workspace so all the customers are at the forefront. The custom-designed wine cellar facilitates service with its storage and serves as a separation between the dining room and the entrance. In order for the customers to be able to observe the work of the brigade and all the culinary details, Parka has chosen a bright and accentuated lightning.

During the first renovations, the team made lovely discoveries: walls covered with bricks and ceilings much higher than expected. These elements have been emphasized to create a contrast between the rough and the new. Beams have also been added to the ceiling to resume the original look of the building and attention has been paid to acoustics during construction.

From the dishes to the taps, all the details have been thought out so the restaurant stands out in Quebec City.

  • Year

  • Architecture

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior design

  • Location
    Limoilou, Québec (Québec), Canada

  • Project type

  • Program
    Space planning design

  • Size
    125 m²

  • Status

  • Photo credit
    Jessy Bernier Photographe

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