The firm


Founded in 2013 by two architects from Quebec, PARKA is a firm of architecture and design whose know-how and aesthetic sensibility are mixed to a collaborative approach. Dialogue and cooperation are keys  for the firm. Parka places a high value on the human dimension of the project, placing users, their needs and aspirations at the center of the design. Parka is interested in designing thoughtful spaces and sustainable architecture, optimizing the user experience and minimizing environmental impacts.

Passionate about identity design, our firm always enjoys developing an exclusive signature to every project.

Parka is based on the work of a multidisciplinary team, composed of dynamic and qualified people, always on the lookout for new trends and deeply animated by creativity and innovation. Parka knows how to harness the creative potential of every project, whether it's architecture, interior design, signage or industrial design. In this sense, our team is very sensitive to an architectural design that is versatile and allows a harmonious integration into the surrounding context.

Our mission

Our philosophy

We want to contribute to the evolution of design practice by placing human needs and aspirations at the center of our reflection. We use a collaborative approach to promote sensitive and creative solutions. Building on exchanges and collaborations with designers from various disciplines, from urban design to graphic design, we strive to develop adapted solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Thus, beyond the aesthetic and formal considerations that define the visual aspect of our projects, we rely on a personalised approach to each of them.

We aim at designing spaces, installations and objects that are positive additions to the lives of our clients and the community. Through our creative process, we want to improve people's lives.

Our strength

Our team

  • Luc Bélanger

    Luc Bélanger

    architect co-founder, OAQ 2009

    Luc is distinguished by his great interest in creative processes. With a diversified experience and having worked on large-scale projects, both in Quebec and internationally, he has a long-standing commitment to customer service and the quality of his projects. . In addition to his keen sense of design, Luc has extensive experience in office and project management. Good communicator, he has the unifying spirit necessary to encourage the setting up of interdisciplinary teams.

    Luc Bélanger
  • Geneviève Guimont

    Geneviève Guimont

    architect co-founder, PA LEED, OAQ 2012

  • Philippe Chabot

    Philippe Chabot

    senior technician

  • Camille Bernard

    Camille Bernard

    architect, OAQ 2016

  • Stéphane Sarian

    Stéphane Sarian

    senior technician

  • Gisèle Fraser

    Gisèle Fraser

    architect, OAQ 2013

  • Véronique Boulet

    Véronique Boulet

    Architect, PA LEED, 0AQ 2009

  • Meaghan Gervais

    Meaghan Gervais

    Communications coordinator

  • Cynthia Roy

    Cynthia Roy

    Interior designer

  • Isabelle Rhéaume

    Isabelle Rhéaume

    senior technician



Driven by the passion of architecture and design, our team is interested in all the stages that lead a design project from idea to realization. Fervent followers of the multidisciplinary approach, we like to explore all facets of design and explore various scales, ranging from the usual object to the large building.

  • Nature of projects

    Institutional and sports,

  • Services

    Pre-project studies,
    Achievements of plans and specifications,
    Construction site surveillance,
    Consulting services,
    Graphical representation and 3D,

  • Business areas

    Interior design,
    Signage design,
    Product design,
    Furniture design.